25 września 2018

500. yellow dress


Hello! Today I want to show you some cute clothes from great store: FashionMe!

So autumn is here, and for me it's time to change pretty dresses to pants.
What's your favourite kind of pants? I definitely prefer jeans!
There's my choice of women jeans, and I hope you'll like them as much as I do!

First look at cute skinny jeans:

[click on image to see]

Three types of jeans. Black, grey and classic blue. Everyone can find something for themselves. 
Grey jeans, are elastics, without pockets, so very comfy! Black with zipper in front, are original and would look amazing with crop sweaters ♥ And my fav choice, ripped blue jeans, with holes and fringes. In the autumn holes may look like not a good idea, but we can wear thights under jeans. I'm sure that would look great!

So until we have autumn now, it's freezing outside to me. An alternative to sweaters are hoodies! Who never stole hoodie from boyfriend? I'm sure no one! So maybe it's time to get one. If you don't like sweaters and cardigans or you prefer sporty look over elegant it's time to find perfect hoodie.

Look at this fashion hoodies:

[click on image to see]

First one is so fluffy and in pink cute color! I would wear this one at home, with cup of coffe ♥ Red one is fashionable hoodie in one of my colors. It's short, but I'm sure this one would look amazing with high waist black pants. Last one is classic grey hoodie, but with roses and butterflies which makes this one special and cute. 

So let me know which one you liked the most?

Have a nice day!