7 czerwca 2018


Today it's time to show you some beautiful dresses from FashionMia!
It's summer and dress is the best outfit for this hot time.
Also it's season of the weddings, so look for some outfit inspirations

First look at this cute dresses

[click on image to see]

I choose maxi dresses, because they are look amazing in summer outfits. 
My favourite is this colorful striped maxi!

Now some shift dresses :

[click on image to see]

There's my three favourite dresses. Yellow is hot color in this season, and this one with long sleeve will be great for cold summer evenings. Second with this embroidered flowers and mesh is perfect for a date!  And the last one: flowers are my favourite pattern for summer and spring time.

Please let me know, which one you like best!

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  1. I love this green dress <3 💗 www.aliviastyle.blogspot.com

  2. Beautiful post, dear! I like your blog. :)
    Following you! Follow back?



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