19 listopada 2017

coats wishlist // gamiss

Hello! Today litte wish-list from GAMISS

Winter is coming, first snow will be there soon, so it's time to look at some coats!

So first is pink fur! It's really cute and I think it would be great for winter, imagine this outfit when snow is falling... Adorable! For this one who doesn't like cold, and want to be warm there's my second proposition - black coat with hood and fur inside. I'm sure that coat will keep you warm!
And also black color will look great with every color of scarf or hat :)

Next, we have brown/orange coat! Maybe it would be better for autumn, but it's very elegant and would match to high heel boots and dresses. And the last one - pink again. I think pink is my favourite color lately! (sorry black color, you're always in my heart!). I would love to wear this coat with grey big scarf <3 

[click on image to see]

Which one is your favorite? :)
And do you wear colors in winter or only black/grey outerwear? :)
Let me know!