6 września 2017

casual dresses // rosegal wishlist


Autumn is coming but it's not the reason to not wearing dresses!
http://www.rosegal.com/casual-dresses-57/?lkid=202321 from Rosegal would be perfect choice for fall season.

I choose four lovely dresses you could wear with overknees, big sweaters and coats!
Hope everyone will find something for themselves.

[click on image to see]
First one is in my favourite color - wine red! It's perfect color for autumn, and with big black hat and gray cardigan, you'll get the perfect look! 
Second one striped with pockets. I see this one with red long coat! Let's look colorful, not only black and gray :)


[click on image to see]

Third one is a simple dress in hot color - army green! It would look awesome with black overknee boots and leather jacket.

Last one is long sleeve, plaid dress. I'd loveto wear it with black martens and black hat ♥

So which one do you prefer? Let me know!

If you want more awesome dresses look here:

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