25 sierpnia 2017

zaful wishlist // long corset dress

I want to show you some long corset dress from Zaful! 
On Zaful you can find dresses in every style you want. My favourites are with long sleeve, and a-line dresses. For this wishlist i choose dresses in different styles, but all of them are so great! 

I choose four beautiful dresses, so anyone can find something for themselves :


First one have a beautiful color, you can wear it for wedding party or something like that. Maxi dresses are trendy now, and looks so elegant.
Second one is great for summer. I can image to wear this on on the beach with sandals and hat. White color is great for holiday! But if someone prefer not romantic style, I think this dress would perfectly match with leather jacket and black boots!

[click on image to see]

Third dress have floral pattern and long sleeve. Blue color looks great on blondes and brunettes! With  gray cardigan or big scarf  and overknees this dress is perfect for coming autumn.
 And the last one is in romantic style, also with floral pattern. Anyone in this dress will look definetely so feminine!
Which one do you prefer?
Do you like rock, grunge or girly, romantic style?

I prefer the first one but sometimes it's nice to look so girly and cute!


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