19 marca 2015


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It’s getting warmer outsitde, spring is coming! By the time you realize what's happening summer will come to us. So it’s better to look out for summer things like dresses or shoes.

I wanna show you my favorite maxi dresses and sandals from Dresswe. 

cheap maxi dresses of Dresswe.com 

1. This dress would be perfect for summer. White color is great if it's so hot outsite!
2. I love this dress! It totally fits my grunge style. I would wear this dress with leather jacket and chunky heel boots.

3. This one would look perfect on summer weddings.
4. Floral dresses are perfect for spring!

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cheap sandals for women of Dresswe.com 

1. They are perfect! I love chunky heels.
2. Flat sandals are perfect for summer. When it's so hot outside they're more comfortable than heels.

3. Pink color is perfect for summer! And wedges are more comfy than high heels.
4. This one would perfectly fits to elegant dresses.

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