29 sierpnia 2018

How To Make Human Hair Wigs Soft and Last Long

There's an appeal that comes with african american human hair wigs. From the soft texture, to the silky quality, the durability and the fact that they don't tangle easily makes them in higher demand than the synthetic wigs on the extreme end. Other plusses include the fact that these hair beauties can be styled with ease, not to mention the fact that they really sync with our natural hair and look one and the same with it. However, over time due to the unfortunate fact that natural oils from the scalp can't impact the wigs as they would our natural hair and these wigs are subjected to excess blow drying, brushing it when wet, using harsh products, and heat styling, the human hair wigs lose their soft texture and silky quality and gradually deteriorate. As painful as this is, it can be reversed. Your human hair extensions wigs can actually be made soft and would in turn last longer.
Below is a step by step guide in doing this.
Items Needed: Shower cap; Moisturizing shampoo; Natural Oil; Deep conditioner; Moisturizing Conditioner; Scarf; Blow Dryer; Brush; Wide tooth comb; Flat iron or curling iron; Thermal protector spray.

29 lipca 2018

Tips to Help You Find the Best Cheap Prom Dress Online

Tips to Help You Find the Best Cheap Prom Dress Online

If you want to find the best prom dresses in good price, you should search some shops.

First, you should know if you want long or mini dress!
For prom I totally recommend long dresses! It's maybe only occasion in your life (exept wedding!) to feel like a princess or cinderella. 
Second step is choosing the best color for you. It should match your skin tone, hair color etc. For example I love blonde girls in red dresses and redhair in dark green.

So now it's time to going through some shops!

I can make it easier for you and I pick some cheap prom dress
that I loved

[click on image to see]

Let me know which one you liked the most! ♥